New Worlds and Android Launch

Block Blast now has 3 new worlds added as well as several new features.

  • Volcano World - Eruptions every 10 minutes
  • Desert World - With cactus and 3 castles per map
  • Moon World - Meteor showers every 10 minutes

New features include:

  • Custom Map attributes (Gravity, Events, Sky Color)
  • Voting System to request new map
  • Android app released!
  • New build system for less downtime during updates

The biggest improvement from this update comes with the "Vote New Map" button. This button allows players to vote to skip the current map and get to the next one. If more than half of the players that are online vote for a new map AND the player that is currently in the lead has voted for a new map then the round will end early and the map will be changed.

The maps in this update add a lot of variety to the appearance of the map. The volcano map has random tunnels that connect to the main tube of the volcano and spread outwards to the surface around the volcano. The volcano erupts every 10 minutes destroying terrain and damaging players that get hit by the debris. By the end of a round, the area around the volcano will be destroyed and look completely different than it did before the eruptions.

The desert map is very similar to the castle map but this time includes 3 smaller castles on every map and cactus instead of trees. The change in colors adds some visual variety to the game and the three castles provide more items and more places to hide and ambush.

The moon map features lower gravity and a giant crater in the middle of the map. The crater has plenty of items in it to pick up but that means the other players will be there as well! Several times per round a meteor shower will rain down on the map creating smaller craters and harming any players that get hit.

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